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A3 Pro User Manual
(7.16MB) - Mar 20, 2018

A3 Pro Menu Overview
(178KB) - Mar 20, 2018

· Features ·

The new A3 Pro is a high-performance and functional 6-axis gyro and stabilizer designed for R/C airplanes. This gyro can be used with nearly any size and type of R/C airplanes and it will make the flying even easier and comfortable.

  • 32-bit MCU, high-precision 6-axis MEMS sensor, improved hardware platform and new firmware solution provide more reliable performance.
  • 6 flight modes, including Gyro-Off mode, Normal mode, Trainer mode, Atti-Lock mode, Auto-Level mode and Auto-Hover mode.
  • 3 wing types: standard fixed-wing, delta-wing(flying-wing), v-tail.
  • Compatible with most standard receivers, standard PPM single-line receivers and Futaba's S.Bus and S.Bus 2 receivers.
  • Separated basic gain adjustment for aileron, elevator and rudder.
  • Remote master gain supported.
  • Sub Trim and Travel Limit settings supported.

· Connection ·

A3 Pro has 5 separate input channels which used to connect to the receiver and 3 output channels for servos, and supports standard receivers, PPM and Futaba's S.BUS(or S.BUS 2) single-line receivers. [AIL], [ELE] and [RUD] should be connected to aileron, elevator and rudder channels of the receiver. [MOD] is used to change the flight mode using a 3-position switch of the transmitter. Usually you can connect it to the gear or any of aux channels of the receiver. Of course, you have the option to not connect this channel, if so, the gyro will always work in the mode which is set for position-1 in the Setup Menu. [PPM/Bus/G] is used for remote master gain, it allows you to adjust the master gain of the gyro by using a proportional knob or slider of the transmitter. However connecting this channel is not a must if you don't want to change the gain in the flight. [PPM/Bus/G] is also used as the input channel when a futaba's s.bus or PPM single-line receiver connection is being used.

· Function Menu ·

To access the Function Menu, press the button down and don't release it until LED lights solid White.


· Setup Menu ·

The Setup Menu contains 7 setting functions which cover all parameters of the gyro you may need to setup. To access the Setup Menu, press the button down and don't release it until LED starts flashing White quickly. (FYA: Don't release the button when LED turns solid White yet, or you will get into the Function Menu but not the Setup Menu.)



· Receiver Menu ·

The Receiver Menu allows you change the receiver type and program the channel mappings for all input channels. To access the Receiver Menu, press and hold the button while turn on the receiver power supply, release it when LED lights solid Violet.


· Box Content ·

[HEA3PRO] A3 Pro standard package

· Specifications ·

  • Main Controller: 32-bit MCU
  • Sensor: High-precision 3-axis gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer
  • Gyroscope Scale Range: ±2000 dps
  • Accelerometer Scale Range: ±4g
  • PWM Output: 920uS ~ 2120uS with 1520uS center length / 50 ~ 333Hz
  • Input Voltage: 4.8V ~ 8.4V
  • Operating Temperature: -10 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
  • Size: 43×27×14mm
  • Weight: 10g (excluding wires)