New Firmware V2.5 Released NEW

Date: 2021-04-10

New firmware update F/W V2.5 released for A3S3 with important improvements for attitude algorithm. If you are using Auto-Level or Trainer Mode, please upgrade your unit. Download the newest integrated software A3 Configurator to complete the update.

  • Algorithm improved to fix the bug of unexpected diving problem when flying in Auto-level or Trainer Mode under some circumstance. For best performance, a more accurate gyro calibration is required in the new version. Keep the airplane stationary after power on and wait for the initialization to complete. The LED will stay solid blue if a slight movement is detected and the calibration will not start until you stop moving the airplane, however, making the airplane level is not required during the initialization.
  • Fail safe function added for channel [A2] and [E2]. When [A2] or [E2] is used as a pass-through channel, the servo will always move to its initial position of calibrated at power on when receiver signals can no longer be received, however, for safety, always set the fail safe functions on your radio.
  • Fixed some other known issues.

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